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Senior Living Placement Agency


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Providing free personalized assessments to help seniors receive the care they need in the best community in Upland, CA, at the right price and location.

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Assisted Living Placement Agency in Upland, CA

We can guide you through the process from beginning to end with care and empathy. Let's find the perfect senior living community for you in Upland, California.

Living Options

RCFE (Boarding Care)

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE's) provide 24-hour care and supervision for seniors needing assistance with daily activities, offering a safe and supportive environment, particularly beneficial for individuals with dementia or those unable to care for themselves physically.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities offer a range of amenities and assistance with activities of daily living, catering to seniors requiring moderate care levels, and promoting socialization and independence within a supportive environment.

Memory Care

Memory care communities offer specialized care and a secure environment tailored to individuals with memory impairments, providing safety features, specialized programming, and therapeutic interventions to support residents with Alzheimer's or dementia, offering a higher level of care compared to other senior living options.

Respite Care

Respite care, found in various sizes of homes, offers temporary relief to family caregivers, providing a safe environment with round-the-clock assistance for seniors needing support with daily tasks, fostering socialization and allowing caregivers the opportunity for self-care.

Independent Living

Independent living communities offer a supportive environment for seniors seeking a self-sufficient lifestyle, with amenities and services tailored to promote autonomy and social engagement, making them an ideal choice for those desiring an active and fulfilling retirement experience.

In-Home Care

In-home care offers personalized assistance with daily activities, allowing individuals to remain in their own homes while receiving support from trained caregivers, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Free Senior Living Placement Services

Free Senior Living Placement Services

in Upland, CA

Discover the comprehensive range of services provided by WeCare Senior Placements, including a free consultation, emergency 24-hour placements, complimentary senior assessments, assistance in gathering necessary documentation, guided tours, and expert guidance through the process of finding financial assistance from Medical or the Veterans Administration. Take the first step towards quality care today!

Elderly Home Placement Assistants in Upland, CA

Our to finding the perfect match ensures that seniors can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and enriching living environment, promoting their overall well-being and quality of life. Our free services include: 


WeCare Senior Placements conducts a comprehensive assessment of the senior's physical and emotional needs, considering medical conditions, mobility, and cognitive/emotional factors. Additionally, we collaborate with the senior and their family to determine the perfect location, taking into account proximity to loved ones, transportation availability, and personal preferences.

Free Assessments

Our free senior assessment is crucial in determining the appropriate level of care and matching seniors with the right senior living community. Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments, taking into account individual needs, preferences, and budget, to guide families towards a suitable senior living community that provides the necessary care and services.


Our documentation service offers assistance in gathering the required paperwork for a smooth transition into a Boarding Care or Assisted Living (RCFE) facility. We provide necessary forms and guidance based on our expertise in navigating through documentation, gained from working with various healthcare professionals and care managers.

List of Options

Our personalized list of communities service assists families in finding the most suitable senior living options based on care level, location, and budget. With our extensive industry knowledge and relationships with senior living communities, we ensure that families can make well-informed decisions, matching their loved ones with communities that provide high-quality care and services tailored to their unique needs.

Free Guided Tours

Our free guided tours service offers seniors and their families an opportunity to personally explore different senior living facilities, gaining insights into their unique features, amenities, and care levels. Led by a senior living expert, these tours provide valuable information and answers to questions, enabling seniors to make well-informed decisions that support their health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Move-in Assistance

Our moving-in assistance services cater specifically to seniors, connecting them with professionals who specialize in providing personalized support during the transition to assisted living. These experienced professionals offer expertise in tasks such as packing and organizing, ensuring a smoother and less stressful moving process for seniors.


Find The Perfect Senior Living Solution Today

Take the first step towards finding the perfect assisted living community for your loved one. Contact us now to access our FREE placement services and discover the ideal senior living option tailored to their needs.




Free no-obligation phone consultation


Needs assessment and priorities


Discussion of options based on care needs, location, and budget


Tailored list of communities


Free guided tour to communities


Choosing the right community

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