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All our Services are Free to families who need help.  We can guide you through the process from beginning to end with care and empathy. 


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WeCare's Senior Placements services include a free consultation, emergency 24-hour placements, free senior assessments, free assistance gathering the necessary documentation, and guided tours. We can also guide you with the proper channels and partners through the process of finding financial assistance from Medical or the Veterans Administration.  Here is a comprehensive list of the services provided by WeCare Senior Placements:

  • Free consultation to help seniors and their families understand their options and determine the best course of action.

  • Free senior assessments to help determine the level of care needed and to identify any specific requirements or preferences.

  • WeCare Senior Placements offers emergency 24-hour placements to help seniors find the right senior living community or care facility that can meet their care needs and location preferences as quickly as possible in the case of an emergency..

  • Assistance finding the right in-home care support or caregivers for seniors who wish to remain in their own homes but require assistance with daily activities.

  • Assistance gathering necessary documentation required for admission to a senior living community or care facility.

  • Guided tours of senior living communities and care facilities to help seniors and their families get a feel for the different options available.

  • Assistance finding financial assistance from Medical or the Veterans Administration, which can help make senior living more affordable.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation provided by WeCare Senior Placements is a crucial step in the process of finding the right senior living community care facility or in-home care support.


Free assessments

Our experience working with hospitals, nursing homes, social workers, doctors, and geriatric care managers has taught us the intricacies of navigating through documentation, helping guide you through the process.

Free Guided Tours

Free Guided Tours

By taking a free guided tour with a senior living expert, seniors can get a firsthand look at different facilities and learn about the unique features and amenities that each one offers.

Free Assessments

Free Assesments

Our team of senior living experts has extensive experience in conducting assessments to determine an individual's care needs and matching them with the appropriate senior living community.

Tailored List of Options

Tailored List of Options

We will create a personalized list of communities based on care levels, location and budget. Guiding families towards the senior living communities that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality care and services.

Move-in Assistance


WeCare Senior Placements can connect you with move-in professionals who specialize in providing tailored support for seniors.

Overall, WeCare Senior Placements offers a comprehensive range of services to help seniors and their families find the right senior living community or care facility, as well as in-home care support services. They also provide guidance and support throughout the process, from initial consultation to ongoing care. 

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