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When is it Time for Memory Care?

Senior memory care communities offer extra security, safety, and enrichment for people with cognitive decline. Cognitive decline occurs due to Alzheimer's disease or dementia; therefore, for these people who need specialized care to maintain their mental, social, and physical health, elderly care placement services are available.

Since there are different levels of elderly care facilities available, knowing the right time to transition from an assisted living facility or home to a memory care facility is challenging. There may be a memory care unit in assisted living communities; however, it is best to make a decision based on a dedicated memory care unit.

Let's discuss the primary benefits of senior memory care communities along with other elderly care facilities available and keep reading.

What are the Different Levels of Elderly Care?

Whether your loved one or you are considering moving into senior living facilities, the decision is made by asking many questions. The most common question is, what are different levels of elderly care available for seniors? With so many different facilities and operations, it can be a daunting task to find the best one.

We Care Senior Placements Services are dedicated to conducting field visits and asking lots of questions from the staff and the senior residents who live at these assisted living facilities. We take the guesswork out of this mission by having the answers you need to the questions about the best memory care for seniors


To fully understand the need for memory care for your senior, it is always best to have a doctor's exam to determine the reason and underlying issues affecting your senior before you decide on a particular assisted living environment.

Here are the types of elderly care available for senior people:

Independent Living

Independent living facilities are for those who are considered physically and mentally fit. However, they may be looking to live with like-minded people. In our old age, finding good company is hard; therefore, stress becomes a part of our daily lives. A trustworthy independent living facility can instantly solve this problem.

Assisted Living

We know that people want to live independently but as we start to age, our body breaks down. As a result, seniors need assistance with their everyday activities such as bathing, combing, walking, etc. For this reason, assisted living facilities are available to help seniors with their everyday needs.

Memory Care

You may find facilities for memory care in a few assisted living facilities; however, seniors with last-stage Alzheimer's or dementia need dedicated senior memory care communities to ensure proper care. It is because individuals with such ailments need assistance every minute and professionals should be available around the clock.

Skilled Nursing

Another senior care service available is the skilled nursing community. It is for people with post-surgical rehab, pain management, wound care, etc. Generally, in skilled nursing facilities, you will find dedicated nurses or medical professionals who take good care of the patients, leaving you with peace of mind knowing they are okay.

Above are the types of elderly care you will find in most assisted living facilities for senior living. Further, you should choose the perfect facility wisely by considering the health condition of your loved ones and the structure of the company managing the facility.

When Is Memory Care Needed?

It is a common confusion among most people looking for the right assisted living facility for their aging loved ones. They find it extremely challenging to know when they should move them to dedicated memory care.

If you are struggling with the same confusion, here are a few signs to consider:

  • If your loved one is repeatedly getting lost in the neighborhood.

  • If they forget to eat something or take their medicine.

  • If they are having difficulty in getting themselves dressed.

These are just a few signs to consider when deciding whether or not to move your loved ones to memory care and senior care placement.

Where Can I Get the Best Memory Care For Seniors?

Finding the best senior memory care placement services may be difficult because the options are limitless. Nevertheless, you must conduct the research, read the reviews, consider your requirements, and consult with the experts before finalizing the perfect memory care for seniors.

We Care Senior Placements is a renowned senior memory care placement service, serving our clients with an outstanding track record. If you have any questions regarding our senior memory care communities, contact us as soon as possible. Let’s work together to find the perfect assisted living facility for memory care.


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