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The Different Levels of Care in Assisted Living Facilities Explained

Assisted living facilities can provide senior people with different levels of care to help them deal with their daily challenges. The level of care in Claremont senior living or any other senior living facility may vary depending on the patient’s needs. For example, patients with memory loss problems need special attention more than normal-aged people.

Depending on the level of care an assisted living facility features, the cost will also vary. However, seniors in today’s generation are much more fortunate to have such a level of options when they are aged and unable to conduct their daily basic activities. Still, this range of choices may seem overwhelming for some folks.

This is why a lot of people are unaware of when to consider an assisted living facility and what level of care should be preferred. Let’s keep reading to discover more.

What Are Senior Home Placement Assistants?

Home placement agencies for seniors are professional services where a team of assistants helps seniors to find a suitable assisted living facility based on their personal choices, level of care needed, and other criteria. Without having senior home placement assistants in Claremont or other areas, it gets difficult to find them a home.

Here are three reasons why senior home placement assistants are needed:

Reason #1

It takes a lot of time and research to be able to find the appropriate home that your loved one is looking for. Oftentimes, such critical decisions are made during a crisis point or a health emergency. Therefore, in those stressful times, thinking through the processes seem a lot more challenging for the families.

Reason #2

Sometimes people end up choosing an inappropriate home for their loved ones which unintentionally worsens their mental and physical condition they may have. To avoid such cases, there are senior home placement assistants in Claremont to work with families of senior people to determine the perfect home based on specific desires.

Reason #3

Location always plays a critical role when looking for an assisted living facility for seniors. Not only is it important for them to have access to nearby stores and shops but it’s also important for the time it takes for you to go visit them. When you work with an assisted living placement agency, they can find the perfect location for you and your senior.

3 Different Levels of Care in Assisted Living Facilities

Since an assisted living facility is designed to support all the senior people with different issues, there are three different levels of care you will find. This includes level 1 or low-level care, level 2 or moderate-level care, and level 3 or enhanced care.

Here are the different levels of care in Claremont senior living explained:

  • Level 1 or low-level care is ideal for those old age people who don’t have any mobility issues and can easily manage their own personal hygiene. Although other basic work like laundry, medication management, housekeeping, and other tasks, will be taken care of by the caregivers.

  • Level 2 or moderate level care would be ideal for those who need assistance in getting dressed, getting to the toilet, etc. For these patients, the home placement agencies for seniors must ensure that the living facility has adequate staff to handle the seniors who require this type of care.

  • Level 3 or enhanced care is for those who require extensive and constant hands-on assistance. This would be ideal for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and other severe physical ailments. Additionally, it’s where you find professional hospital staff and doctors who work there.

These are the three different levels of care provided by an assisted living facility. If you’re still wondering about when to consider an assisted living facility, consult with senior home placement assistants in Claremont to help you clear your doubts and provide you with more details about the assisted living facility you are considering.

Who’s the Best Senior Home Placement Specialist in Claremont?

We Care Senior Placements offer professional and expert senior home placement assistants in Claremont to help you find a reliable and ideal assisted living facility for senior people. Families who are facing challenging times in taking care of older patients can easily rely on such assisted living facilities in Claremont.

Not only will seniors be able to live comfortably but also they will be under proper care that will further help them lead a joyful and enjoyable life. To know more about how we provide assisted senior placement assistance, contact us today and get all of the answers you need at We Care Senior Placements.


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