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Simplifying Senior Downsizing

When life creeps up on us and the ones we love, many consider moving to assisted living facilities. The challenges of facing our loved one’s personal belongings and what they need for the long run always weigh on the mind and heart. Senior care placement services can help by offering professional guidance and advice if you're stuck.

It should come as no big surprise that people nearing assisted living have a lot of stuff. The amount of personal content and items like their house, banking accounts, bills, and pets is overwhelming for the person dealing with their aging loved one and their stuff. Many find themselves looking for help to find assisted living, and that’s okay.

Let’s keep reading to unravel the mysteries of simplifying senior downsizing and learn the best tips and tricks to transition from residential living to assisted programs.

7 Tips for Simplifying Senior Downsizing

We can all use some help when downsizing our stuff, but it’s even more of a challenge when it belongs to someone you love. Talk to your senior while writing a list of all assets and financial matters like social security, retirement pensions, or military benefits, and get a better handle on the situation.

Here are the top seven tips for simplifying senior downsizing brought to you by We Care Senior Placements:

1. Have a Moving Sale

By having a moving sale, you can use the money to help your senior transition to an assisted living facility and use it for things they need in their new environment. Our assisted living placement services can help by informing you what comes with the living quarters in an assisted living facility, making it easier to sell things they won’t need.

2. Consider Their Feelings

When helping your seniors weed out their belongings, remember to consider their feelings because they are attached to their belongings. We recommend talking with them about each item before selling something personal or throwing it away. Remember, seniors are sensitive to everything because moving is a big deal.

3. Visit the Assisted Living Facility

You can learn more about an assisted living facility by asking about a tour. Assisted living specialists can help book a tour of an assisted living facility, making it easier to see what the place is all about and what it comes with for furniture and amenities. Before you consider moving to assisted living, go see it in person.

4. See What They Want Family to Have

Talk to your senior and see what they want their family to have. You might be surprised to discover they already have a good idea. Write down what each family member gets so you don’t forget. You can pack the items into boxes and label them or place tags on the other items that are too large.

5. Consider Long-Term Storage

Sometimes, decisions can’t be made by the seniors or those helping them move to an assisted living environment. Therefore, consider long-term storage solutions like U-Haul Self-Storage or any self-storage facility, making it easier to keep things that are difficult to decide what to do with and make perfect sense.

6. What’s Going With Them?

When it’s time to consider moving to assisted living for your senior, it’s a good idea to see what they want to take with them. Items like family albums and wall pictures will always be something seniors want to take with them as they move into a new place. Additionally, clothing is always something that needs to be reduced and considered.

7. Do They Have Vehicles?

Since most seniors have vehicles, this is a critical thing to consider. You may want to consider allowing the assisted living facility to transport your senior where they need to go because, let’s face it, sooner or later, all seniors become incapable of holding a valid driver’s license; therefore, consider if it’s time to sell their vehicle(s) or not.

Simplifying senior downsizing is made possible with the help of expert assisted living placement services like We Care Senior Placements. We can help with any questions about making the transition to assisted living.

Where Can I Get the Best Senior Care Placement Services?

We Care Senior Placements is the best at finding the right assisted living facility for your senior. We have an extensive list of the best-structured facilities designed to care for and supervise your senior. Our team of assisted living specialists can help you find the perfect home for your loved ones.

When simplifying senior downsizing, it always helps to get expert advice before you go on this new journey. For more information about our senior care placement services, call or contact We Care Senior Placements today and allow us to find the perfect assisted living facility that meets senior's needs and requirements.

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