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1. Free, no obligation phone consultation

Call our 800 number to speak with a specialist in your area, or fill out one of our forms and a senior advisor in your area will contact you.

2. Needs assessment and priorities

Through just a few non-intrusive questions, we will determine with you the level of care needed. This is important because not all communities offer the same services. Determining the Level of Need is important to decide whether you want to look for a Boarding Care, an Assisted Living or a Memory Care. 

3. Discussion of options based on care needs, location and budget

• We will consider the needs of your loved ones, the city where you live, and your budget to determine which are the best solutions for your family.
• Discover areas where financial assistance is possible

4. Tailored list of communities

•  We will email you a list of communities we believe are perfect for you or your loved one
•  Your privacy is important to us and we will not divulge your contact information so you will not be the victim of a hundred communities fighting for your attention.

5. Free guided tour to communities

Once communities have been identified, we will tour facilities with you.

6. Choosing the right community

•    Based on your tours and observations, we can help you choose the community that best fits you or your loved one
•    We will help you gather the right documentation before a move-in
•    We can help you find transportation, moving companies, realtors, elder attorneys, second-hand buyers, and more
     to make the transition as smooth as possible

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